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A future scenario of personal-scale carbon cap and trade, and products resulting from it, to promote a carbon responsible future.

The current Carbon Cap and Trade is reducing industrial carbon emissions, but even if we fully implement the Paris Climate Agreement proposals by 2100, humanity is still far away from sustainable life, as shown by scientific research from Climate Interactive.

Personal Carbon Economy (PCE) redesigned industrial cap and trade system for an individual scale. In the future model, individuals are encouraged to offset every kilogram of CO2 they emitted to bring humanity closer to the carbon sustainable life.


For our current and anticipated Anthropocene challenges, the collective bottom-up power is beyond measure.


A series of products and a global carbon trade platform help people offset their own carbon footprint or become a revenue source for entrepreneurs. 

Designer: Shihan Zhang      Instructor: Sara Dean 

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All of the scenarios and artifacts are extrapolated based on actual scientific, cultural and social research. Illustrations of 

TENSIONS  between research and imaginary.


Research data visualizations and living material explorations.

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Among the products, algae harvesting is a technology has the potential to be implemented

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