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After a few decades of effort, regions and countries finally signed the Carbon Agreement and built the Carbon Union and Department of Carbon (CUDC) in 2040 within the UNFCCC. Its mission is to use the collective power of individuals to make up the gap between the industry carbon reduction plan and a carbon sustainable life. Those regions that signed the Carbon Agreement are enrolled in the Carbon Union, a pilot community where has carbon price to every human activity.


In Carbon Union, there is a new currency upon the existing ones called carbon credits, and everyone has a daily carbon credit cap. If citizens exceed their carbon credit caps, they can make up the difference through an expansive monthly payment to the Carbon Union, or they can earn carbon credits by offsetting carbon emissions on their own. The goal is to use the collective citizen’s power to make up the huge gap between the industry’s carbon reduction plan and carbon sustainable life.


The Carbon Union build an official website to publish the carbon data to the public, including real-time total carbon emission and carbon sequestration volume tracking within the Carbon Union based on the carbon credits data analysis.

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